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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the modern engineering solution to modelling flows of liquids and gasses across solid surfaces and through/around 3D structures. Its accuracy as a mathematical model is enabled by ever-higher computational capacity and speed and it has a lot of applications. Its 3D representation of the physical data center lets you safely simulate the impact of change on a data center’s resilience, physical capacity and cooling efficiency.

TileFlow® is a state-of-the-art simulation tool, based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), for predicting and optimizing the cooling performance of data centers. It features an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface, an advanced solver, and powerful visualization and reporting capabilities.

Introduced in 2001, it is widely used by data center managers, A&E companies, equipment manufacturers, and consulting companies. TileFlow® results have been validated against measurements in real-life data centers.

AIRSYS is the sole distributor and patterner of TileFlow® in Southeast Asia.


CFD is a well-established technology in many industries. Investing in virtual CFD analysis will save you from large costs in real live DC testing and validation. Moreover, potential high expenses for adapting HVAC syste m on-site after installation are avoided. Additionally, getting a CFD analysis in an early stage of the HVAC design process, will generate a huge beneficial insight and will help you determine the optional air flow in every single design, resulting increased DC reliability and effectiveness.

A CFD analysis can be very helpful in the following situations:

1.Validating your DC HVAC design before installation.

2.Troubleshooting DC air distribution problem.

3.Optimising system or component performance.

4.Enhance DC overall availability and reliability.

5.Optimising DC PUE.


Configurable CFD Modelling ServiceTailor your CFD modelling requirements to meet your business needs
Baseline CFD ModelProvides you with an understanding of airflow characteristics within your data center
CRAC Failure AnalysisIllustrates the effects of CRAC failure to airflow and rack inlet temperatures
Predictive AnalysisEnables proactive management of IT growth and high-density deployment
Data Center Air Flow Optimization and Energy SavingIdentify wasted energy due to over cooling and opportunities to improve cold air distribution and heat rejection capabilities

Data Center CFD Service Configurations:

Level One – provides a basic CFD model that illustrates supply and return airflow in the data center / server room and calibrated to actual airflow, rack power*,and temperature measurements. (* This may require electrical panel reading by a licensed electrician.)

Level Two – provides a calibrated data center CFD model, CRAC failure analysis plus scenario analysis (IT deployment or infrastructure change).

Data center CFD model accuracy is dependent upon actual load reading from power distribution panels to the rack level. If these readings are not available, Electronic Environments’ data center experts can perform branch circuit reading and circuit tracing as part of this service. Additional Data Center Assessment services can be added to configure a service package that suits your budget and business needs

•  CAD floor plan

•  Electrical infrastructure thermography (infrared thermal imaging)

•  Electrical distribution circuit tracing

•  Critical electrical infrastructure single line diagram

•  Single point of failure analysis

•  Generator load bank testing

•  Power quality analysis

Visual Air Service

Detection, analysis and simulation of the datacenter air distribution with Visual AIR

The distribution of air within a datacenter can severely influence the performance of the cooling equipment, with the two key points of interest being the primary air paths and the thermal gradients throughout the room. The analysis of airflow can be based on both actual detection results and on CFD simulation results.

Having analyzed and identified significant difficulties with understanding datacenter airflows, AIRSYS launched the Visual AIR professional analysis and consulting service. Through infrared detection, airflow velocity and air volume measurements, CFD simulations and detailed calculation, amongst other specialized tools, the service provides a visual representation of the data center air distribution to allow more effective management of the cooling systems.

Utilizing a variety of professional CFD simulation tools, AIRSYS has developed the most detailed and accurate airflow analysis technology for data centers, which can provide high quality airflow simulations for both new and existing data cente r projects. Simulation reports provide visual data support for data center load analysis, heat density optimization analysis, CRAC group control and duty standby, and supply air pressure simulation.


OEM CFD Service

Different from other CFD service provider, AIRSYS is the cooling equipment OEM for data center. For over 20 years, AIRSYS has been providing the cooling solution for mission critical application sites throughout the world. We know exactly on how the cooling has been generated and delivered to your DC critical equipment. Every single detail will be reviewed by AIRSYS specialist by the CFD simulation.

Team Accreditation

With more than 20 years of ever-expanding knowledge in the filed of DC cooling design, implementation and maintenance, we are well capable and equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide reliable analysis and advice. AIRSYS CFD specialists are certified by the respective certification bodies and able to benchmark your DC cooling performance according to ASHARAE, TIA and Uptime standards.

Comprehensive Visualization Analysis

AIRSYS CFD team members are properly trained and certified by TileFlow®. We know how to provide the CFD output results by graphical, text and animation for presenting DC cooling performance and air distribution. This leads to a better understanding of the clients on the DC cooling principles and guides them on how to improve the design efficiently.

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