Energy Management

Energy management is one of the most fundamental dimensions to look at datacenter cooling design. When we are talking about energy management, Free cooling is the first step to be achieved. And right now, in the market, very few datacenter project could achieve 100% free cooling. Above the free cooling step, there is another goal called energy recovery. It means we can try to recover large percentage of datacenter waste heat and use them in other applications. This is even harder without the suitable technology.

AIRSYS is launching our most advanced liquid cooling technology very soon. Our liquid cooling solution is designed to achieve the highest standard, not only to overcome the high-density threshold. We can promise the industry that, we will be able to achieve 100% free cooling and energy recovery goal anytime and anywhere in the world.

03-Design Concept-03-Energy Management.png

For normal air-cooled datacenter, AIRSYS design and knowhow will help the project to achieve as much as it is possible in term of energy management (in both free cooling and energy recovery), according to site condition and local climate.


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