Cooling Free

The Definition of ‘Cooling Free’

According to our experience in datacenter industry, there are a lot of challenges related to cooling design and cooling facilities, for example reliability, hot spot, air distribution, power consumption…., And as the major mechanical facility in the whole project, when the datacenter owner wants to upgrade the IT capacity or density, cooling facility is getting to be the major constraint.

Datacenter is an IT infrastructure. Cooling, electrical and many other systems are part of the supporting facility. So nobody will be happy when the IT function and reliability could be jeopardized or limited by the supporting cooling facility. And when we are looking at the operational expenses, the cooling power consumption is one of the biggest parts, representing about 30% of IT power consumption in most of datacenter projects all over the world.

Imaging in another type of datacenter, when cooling is not a problem anymore, you don’t have to spend money in cooling facility, and the cooling power consumption is minimized to almost nothing, inside of the data hall, you cannot hear the constant noise, there is no more issue about dimension, vibration, air distribution. When you want to upgrade the IT capacity, you don’t have to worry about cooling constraint, cooling is just like a type of unlimited resources, highly expandable and scalable. And this is the cooling free datacenter.

But the Cooling Free goal is not easy to achieve. Our target is to offer the peace of mind cooling solution to our customer. Everyone knows that the cooling facility cannot be eliminated in datacenter. Cooling free doesn’t mean no cooling. The Cooling Free concept represents a higher standard and more stringent requirement for cooling system design. We believe that is the future of datacenter cooling. And AIRSYS, as a professional datacenter cooling solution provider, will play a very important role in this cooling revolution.

As we can see here, the cooling free concept consists of 4 major parts. Trouble free, means the system will be highly reliable without any possible down time, leading to the highest availability of the whole datacenter project. Energy Free, means the cooling facility will consume as little power as possible. Different type of free cooling technologies should be adopted according to the actual site condition and local climate. Physical Free, means the dimension of the cooling system, including indoor and outdoor should be as small as possible. With the future AIRSYS liquid cooling technology, the major part of cooling system will be able to be integrated to the IT system. And CAPEX Free, this is another option that AIRSYS is offering to the datacenter industry, Cooling as a Service. It means you don’t need to buy the cooling product, you can just buy the cooling package as a service.

The ‘Cooling Free’ Goal

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