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NetOne is the Artificial Intelligence based Data Center Infrastructure monitoring and management platform to provide comprehensive infrastructure monitoring for IT & physical infrastructure. The platform helps businesses to ensure maximum network availability, enhance reliability and improve performance.

Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM)

High Availability& Enhance Reliability

Ensure connectivity and 24/7 availability of your critical infrastructure

Data-driven decision making and trends analysis achieve business goals

Improve Performance

Real time monitoring and control capabilities to ensure timely response

Proactive actions through continuous feedback to relevant people

Optimized PUE & OPEX

Improve power usage effectiveness

Reduce operational expenditure

Maximize Uptime

Timely alerts and notifications to avoid downtime and equipment failure

Remotely monitor and manage Hyper Data Center, Edge Data Center and Telecom Facilities with NetOne anytime, anywhere to ensure 24/7 availability


NetOne Actionable Intelligence

Our Actionable Intelligence as a service (AIaas) model allows data-driven decision making for predictive maintenance & proactive actions to improve performance and availability:

• Timely identification of potential trouble spots to avoid equipment failure and downtime

• Real-time monitoring of power and cooling from the main service feeds to the servers, storage, and networking devices in the rack

• Reducing the mechanical cooling by 80% with proactive and predictive operation

• Ensure uptime by monitoring racks for possible hot spots

• Improve data center uptime by receiving environmental alerts

• Predictive decisions based on the historical data

• Avoid early equipment failure and malfunctioning by receiving timely alarms

• Monitor power chain to plan proactive maintenance

• Improved network availability

• Data-driven decisions

• Precision Investments


Based decisions to significantly improve network availability, and lower operational expenditure with Zero CAPEX Investment.


NetOne Key Target Areas

Collect, Consolidate and Analyze data across the data centers to reduce complexity and criticality of availability


NetOne Portfolio

Critical facilities infrastructure management for Data Center and Telcos


To ensure maximum availability, continuously optimize the cooling efficiency with least energy consumption.

Adapts the cooling system to real time IT load (instead of temperature sensors)


To optimized availability, provide maximum efficiency, improve performance & bring centralized control in dynamic Edge Data Center facilities.


Integrated telecom site facilities intelligence for cooling, energy, access & environment. Continuously lowering CAPEX cost & optimizing OPEX for engineering, planning & operations.


NetOne – High Level Diagram


Symphony & Concerto Scenario

Monitoring & Control

IT Infrastructure

Rack Monitoring

Environmental monitoring

• Temperature

• Humidity

• Smoke

• Air flow

• Water leakage

Cooling Management

• Wall mounted HVACs

• Free air cooling units

• Split free air cooling box

• Cabinet cooling units

• Computer room air conditioners CRACs)

• Chillers & pumps

Energy Management

• Utility and grid power

• Generator and ATS

• Batteries & rectifiers

• UPS & inverters

Building Management

• Access control

• Video surveillance

• Asset management


• It infrastructure availability

• Uninterrupted power supply

• Cooling cost reduction

• Cooling energy optimization

• Critical facilities infrastructure management

• Lower total cost of ownership for cooling management

• Power source optimization

• Optimal usage of generator, batteries and renewable

• Timely alerts and notifications to avoid equipment

• malfunction and downtime

• Authorized site access to secure premise

Visual Air Service

The distribution of air within a datacenter can severely influence the performance of the cooling equipment, with the two key points of interest being the primary air paths and the thermal gradients throughout the room. The analysis of airflow can be based on both actual detection results and on CFD simulation results.

Having analyzed and identified significant difficulties with understanding datacenter airflows, AIRSYS launched the Visual AIR professional analysis and consulting service. Through infrared detection, airflow velocity and air volume measurements, CFD simulations and detailed calculation,

amongst other specialized tools, the service provides a visual representation of the data center air distribution to allow more effective management of the cooling systems.

Utilizing a variety of professional CFD simulation tools, AIRSYS has developed the most detailed and accurate airflow analysis technology for data centers, which can provide high quality airflow simulations for both new and existing data center projects. Simulation reports provide visual data support for data center load analysis, heat density optimization analysis, CRAC group control and duty standby, and supply air pressure simulation.


Mathematical Modeling of Overall Data Center Availability

Based on a comprehensive failure mode database of data center M&E facility, together with extensive compiled information of engineering maintenance systems, AIRSYS established the industry-exclusive data center infrastructure availability mathematical modelling system. Utilizing this modelling system, AIRSYS can calculate the holistic availability of a data center quantitatively, based on the existing M&E design and operation& maintenance management systems.

This can provide reliable data to support the optimization of M&E facility and management system.

02-Datacenter Solution-M&E Design 02.png

NetOne – Hardware Capabilities

All in One

All in one device to fit in existing environment

Edge Computing

Data computing capabilities at edge

Smart Controls

Time based, tariff based, load-based power source control capabilities

On-board Data Logging

Data storage capabilities in case of power failure

3rd Party Integration

Supports standard industrial protocols for 3rd party integration (SNMP, CAN bus, RS232, RS485)


NetOne: the Future

NetOne DCIM solution can help data center operators to effectively monitor and manage data center operations & implement smart data-driven decisions to business processes. The overall road map for the implementation of DCIM solutions is shown below:


Software Screenshot

Surveillance Management

Cooling Management

Critical Infrastructure Management

Fuel Management

Power & Energy Management

Modular Software

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