Datacenter Solution

In recent years, the data center industry has experienced rapid development. Reflecting the demand for advancement in the data and communication industry in this era of data, the data center industry is expected to continue growing and expanding as an ever-important infrastructure backbone.

As the greater data and communication industry evolves and advances, due to higher values being placed on data quality and security, so to do the expectations of data centers themselves, striving for more sophisticated and refined systems and products. This has resulted in the data center industry becoming a comprehensive field of knowledge in its own right, where key factors are being continuously researched and improved in order to extract the optimal performance, energy consumption and cost. Individual and collective factors such as site selection, risk management, reliability, resiliency, maintainability, connectivity, energy consumption, redundant design, emergency management and disaster recovery all combine to make the data center industry a complex and interdisciplinary field.

AIRSYS offers a full range of professional services and products relating to the efficient cooling and M&E infrastructure of data centers, spanning complete project timelines from the earliest design considerations through to servicing and maintenance of completed facilities.

Planning & Site SelectionSite Selection Proposal
Retrofitting Proposal
Customized Cooling Solution Proposal
 Site Selection ServicesCRAC
Air-cooled / Water-cooled / Chilled Water
Inverter DX
Free Cooling
Double Cooling Source
Screw / Magnetic / Air-cooed
Water-cooled / Modular
Free Cooling
Inrow CRAC
Air-cooled / CW
Refrigerant Pump
Fresh Air Free Cooling
Direct Adiabatic Cooling
Indirect Adiabatic Cooling
Integration Racks
Modular DC
Water / Water HEX System
Control System
Fan Wall
Liquid Cooling Solution
DesignM&E Design
CFD Simulation Service
AFE Analysis and Evaluation
TCO Modeling Calculation
Availability Modeling Calculation
Energy Efficiency Analysis
Construction System Integration
Main Contracting
Commissioning M&E Commissioning Plan
M&E Commissioning Trouble Shooting
 M&E Commissioning Service
Hydraulic System Commissioning
HVAC System Commissioning
OperationStaffing Plan
Maintenance Procedure
M&E Maintenance Training
Capacity Management Consultation
M&E Life-cycle Management Consultation
Validation of Cooling Related documents
Old facility Retrofiting Design
Cooling System Fault Diagnosis
Old facility Retrofiting
Chiller Optimization
Air Distribution Optimization
CW CRAC Refurbishment
Heat Density Improvement
M&E Facility Management
MMS Implementation
Maintenance Data analysis
Predictive Maintenance
Oil Quality Analysis
Vibration Analysis
Infrared Analysis
Ultrasonic Analysis


1. AFE Airflow Efficiency: Calculates the effective airflow efficiency obtained by IT equipment by using effective airflow, bypass airflow, and fan power as variables.

2. Availability modeling calculation: The availability of the entire data center is obtained by quantitative calculation based on the reliability of all M&E equipment (and the components, pipelines, etc.) and the availability of the operation and maintenance system.

3. Energy efficiency: The total energy consumption, renewable energy, recovery energy application, energy efficiency as variables, quantitative calculations to obtain data center energy efficiency.

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