Facility Management

Staffing and organization

Maintaining the correct staffing and architecture planning is one of the most critical elements in the efficient operation of a data center. Where changes to the data center planning availability level are made, or where they vary between sites, the staffing plan and arrangements also need to vary accordingly. An efficient staffing plan requires a thorough understanding of the particular M&E equipment and then being able to match the required qualifications and roles that are required from the professional site staff. AIRSYS can develop professional M&E maintenance personnel configuration solutions for all data centers, based on their knowledge of world-leading operational standards and extensive experience.

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Analysis and development of maintenance programs for M&E equipment

Efficient and continued operation of data center infrastructure is critical to the success of all data centers. The development of operation and maintenance programs which will ensure this infrastructure is able to perform at peak efficiency can be a complex and involved process requiring professional consideration of the specifics of each project or site. The underlying goals of equipment maintenance are to ensure the best possible operating conditions for all equipment, predict and deal with the risk of failure before failure occurs, extend the service life of the equipment and improve the overall availability of the site.

AIRSYS can leverage its years of experience in the global data center industry, as well as its own detailed knowledge as an equipment designer and manufacturer, to offer the most professional equipment maintenance solutions and programs available on the market, for all data center installations.

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Operation and maintenance training (M&E)

As a professional equipment manufacturer and operation and maintenance service provider, AIRSYS can provide multi-language equipment operation and maintenance training services for data center operators around the world.

Professional operation and maintenance training assists data center operations teams to better understand the use and maintenance methods of M&E equipment, enhance emergency response capabilities, and improve the availability of the entire data center project.

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M&E capacity planning & management

M&E capacity management within a data center assists with future-proofing the installation through planning of IT equipment capacity, spatial allocations, power supply requirements, cooling demands and other auxiliary facilities capacities.

This process necessarily occurs over a long timeline, involving the continuous transformation of power supply and cooling technology, which can directly affect the effectiveness of new investment funds in a data center.

AIRSYS can provide the most professional and advanced capacity planning management consulting services for data centers world-wide.

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M&E facility lifecycle planning & Management

Data center M&E equipment has a both a large initial capital outlay and large capital losses through depreciation. The lifecycle planning and forecasting of equipment severely affects and dictates the operating costs and risk control capabilities of the entire data center.

AIRSYS can provide on-site infrastructure and equipment assessment services to world-wide, utilizing its professional equipment designer and manufacturer background. We provide professional M&E equipment lifecycle management consulting services based on the condition of the equipment, maintenance data and history, load conditions and future forecasts.

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Review and consultation of M&E facility operation and maintenance documents

Operation and maintenance logs and records form a critical file system that needs to be continuously organized and monitored and permanently saved. The quality and management level of the documents directly affects a data center's availability rating results, as well as the operational efficiency of a data center. AIRSYS can provide audit and consultation services for engineering maintenance documents for data center world-wide.

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Diagnosis and analysis of M&E faults

AIRSYS can provide targeted fault diagnosis and analysis services for data center M&E facilities. Based on our manufacturing and engineering service experience, together with input from on-site fault information gathering systems, AIRSYS can quickly and accurately determine the root cause of equipment failure and offer targeted solutions. This service can save valuable time and expenses where critical infrastructure faults have occurred.

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