Cooling As A Service

AIRSYS has partnered with the world’s leading asset manager fund, to offer Cooling as a Service (“CaaS”) to blue chip datacenter & telecom clients. CaaS enables our customers to upgrade their cooling infrastructure to the latest cooling products and technology with no upfront capital investment. In fact, AIRSYS will buy existing cooling infrastructure from the datacenter & telecom companies who agree to comprehensive CaaS programs.

− Under the CaaS model, AIRSYS will buy and optimize legacy cooling infrastructure

− Once legacy equipment reaches the end of its economic useful life or becomes obsolete due to its low efficiency, AIRSYS will provide and install new, state of the art, cooling equipment with minimal service interruptions guaranteed.

− AIRSYS will maintain the equipment, ensuring uninterrupted cooling service, including guaranteed uptime, with temperature and humidity controlled to the highest specifications. Further, AIRSYS will provide for best-in-class routine maintenance, remote monitoring, and guaranteed emergency response time

− In exchange, the telecom customer will make fixed payments to AIRSYS for a pre-agreed period of time.

How it works:

1.Existing cooling assets will be evaluated based on the age of the products and technology installed, with a fair value for legacy equipment to be agreed between the parties

2.In exchange for upfront consideration to be paid by AIRSYS to acquire legacy cooling equipment, and the commitment by AIRSYS to procure and install replacement equipment, the customer will agree to make payments to AIRSYS at a pre-agreed rate based on actual IT load multiplied by the fixed rate.

3.A fixed rate ($/kWh of cooling), calculated based on the type of cooling needed and the cost will be charged monthly (including the cost of electricity for cooling).

4.Assuming overall IT cooling load of 100 MW, and a fixed rate ranging from $ 0.06-0.08 per kWH of cooling, the annual cooling service cost for the customer would be $53-70 million.

− This expenditure would cover procurement of all replacement cooling assets, energy consumption, maintenance and management overhead

− In addition, the energy footprint is expected to shrink significantly due to improved cooling efficiency.

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