Predictive Maintenance

Identify and Correct Hidden HVAC System Problems

Most of time customers come to AIRSYS for a solution as they are facing very similar problems: data center HVAC systems appear to be running fine, not many issues experienced but energy costs keep rising along the years while they are unable to find the clear signs of root cause. They would like to know from what causes the increased dollar value on their energy bill as well as how to operate the system at maximum efficiency to minimize those energy costs. Are there hidden problems that could lead to costly repairs and downtime? Is it necessary to modify certain system accordingly whenever there is a change in the data center configuration?

The longer your data center’s HVAC systems have been in service, the greater the probability that its operating costs are higher than they should be. Fortunately, there’s an easy, cost- effective solution: Predictive Maintenance by AIRSYS.

When system components unexpectedly fail, you will always face costly downtime and repairment work. Every minutes count when there is a potential lost to you or your customer. With AIRSYS Predictive Maintenance, you’ll identify potential problems prior to breakdowns and proactively schedule repairs at times that won’t inconvenience you or your data center’s customer.

AIRSYS service team is equipped with the most advanced analysis tools for comprehensive and accurate data center HVAC system evaluation. We also make sure the latest educational technologies and proven educational design will be applied during personnel training, in this way our engineers are carrying out daily work with the lasts systems testing technology. So when you choose AIRSYS for evaluation, you do so knowing you can trust the results.

Predictive Maintenance Benefits

• Identify and correct minor problems in the early stage to avoid expensive repairs

• Avoid needless downtime

• Minimize any inconvenience to data center owner or customer

• Ensure the data center operation continuity

• Optimize the system efficiency and minimize the energy cost

• Prolong lifespan of the equipment and components

Comprehensive Testing Scope of AIRSYS

AIRSYS predictive maintenance is strategic to optimal building systems management. With us, you will make the most informed decisions and achieve the lowest overall operating costs.

Infrared (IR) Analysis

Infrared thermography uses infrared thermal imaging to detect and diagnose the thermal emissions of different components in HVAC system. An increase in heat could suggest electrical and mechanical issues that can lead to component failure, unscheduled shut down and safety issues.IR analysis is an easy and proven way to inspect electrical and mechanical components of a HVAC system in a non-invasive manner, without disruption to system operation.

AIRSYS IR analysis is based on the fact that most components in a system show an increase in temperature when malfunctioning, AIRSYS has find a unit way to identify the severity of the problem by looking at the level of phase to phase temperature rise.


Apart from the normal IR inspection on the HVAC components, AIRSYS service team also developed a way to help customer look into the hidden hot spot issues by generating the thermal maps of data center all of its equipment. Now with AIRSYS predictive maintenance package, it is possible for you to get an overall view of the thermal condition of the entire data center for a given period of time. By the thermal mapping the data center, customers are able to plan the future equipment move in or expansion accordingly.

Machinery Oil Analysis

Another key to keep data center HVAC system operating at optimal performance involves monitoring and analysing lubricant oils for characteristics such as contamination, chemical content and viscosity. Billions of dollars are spent annually replacing machinery components that have worn out due to the inability of the lubricants to perform the required task. The existence or amount of debris and particles from wearing parts, erosion and contamination provide insights about the issues affecting performance and reliability. Knowing how to interpret changing lubricant properties becomes one of AIRSYS strength. AIRSYS machinery oil analysis provide critical early warning information indicative of machine failure. Analysin gand trending the data means you can schedule maintenance before a critical failure occurs. At the end of the day, you a getting a data center with higher equipment availability and productivity, lower maintenance costs, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), fewer outages, optimal equipment performance and a greener operation.


Vibration Analysis

AIRSYS vibration analysis is a process of looking for anomalies and monitoring change from the established vibration signature of a system. The vibration of any object in motion is characterized by variations of amplitude, intensity, and frequency. These can correlate to physical phenomena, making it possible to use vibration data to gain insights into the health of equipment.

In AIRSYS data base, it was found that four types of mechanical faults with rotating machines frequently occurred during data center operation:

• Unbalanced Rotor

• Roller bearings wear and tear

• Misalignment of mechanical assembly

• Looseness of mechanical assembly

Above faults usually hard to find out as most of the time they are invisible until equipment break down. With years’ experience and analysis on our own data base, AIRSYS manage to find a way to differentiate these faults from normal operating condition by applying methods like FFT (Fast Fourier transform), mean/variance value and standard deviation to the complex vibration data from sampled components. Customers are able to see the simple plot of those hidden fault characters’ trending after all the tough works have been done by AIRSYS.

Ultrasonic Analysis

Instantaneous water flow readings can be taken on hydraulic systems utilizing a non-invasive clamp-on meter. The ultrasonic flow meter utilizes ultrasonic sound waves to determine the flow rate at a high degree of accuracy and can be used for in-place mechanical flow meter calibration, determining total water flow usage, energy usage, leak detection, or testing and balancing where conventional devices such as circuit setters are not installed.

At the same time the high frequency sound wave into one exterior side of a material, and reflecting the sound wave from its interior surface to produce a precise measurement of wall thickness of water pipe. Establishing the condition of an aged piping system becomes especially important due to its critical function in any data center HVAC environment, and due to the wide variety of problems which can potentially develop. With AIRSYS UA service, you are able to know the corrosion rate, minimum acceptable wall thickness and prediction of the remaining service life of the water pipe.


In short, AIRSYS predictive maintenance will lead you to a visualised result of your data center current operating performance. You will see all the hidden problems that is occurring or going to occur in your data center. AIRSYS will find a way for you to solve those problems with minimum downtime and interruption. Together with AIRSYS, you are going to see a healthier, greener, optimised data center of your own!


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