Evaluation Of Data Center Site Selection

AIRSYS provides professional site selection and assessment consultation services for various types of data center project. Our expert team provides professional assessment reports for customers based on years of practical experience and a solid foundation of our technology, and provides responsible guidance for data center asset investment.


Retrofitting Project Consultation

AIRSYS can also provide unique and practical consultation services for retrofitting projects, providing the most professional advice from aspects such as of building structure, power supply, cooling system upgrading, thermal density enhancement and availability optimization.


Data Center Cooling Technology Solutions and Energy Saving Recommendations

As a professional data center cooling equipment and engineering services provider, AIRSYS can provide industry-leading engineering consultation for all data center projects. The application of energy-saving technology, and recommendation/selection from a variety of technologies encompassing the entire market, together with energy efficiency analysis can greatly benefit data center owners and operators throughout the operational lifecycle of a facility.


Chiller Optimisation Consultation

The chiller is a common cooling device in the data center and accounts for a large proportion of data center cooling energy consumption. The chiller's energy consumption and efficiency will vary greatly under different operating conditions and climates. Originating from years of research and development, manufacturing, and service technology knowledge accumulation in the chiller industry, AIRSYS has developed a multi-dimensional database of chiller functions and operation.

The following chart shows the efficiency and energy consumption of a typical chiller under different operating conditions.

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